Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PrintDataGrid error printing 10000 rows employees

Yesterday, I've got stuck for printing a huge table with 10000 rows in PrintDataGrid.
Seemly Flash Player error for spool all data to printer terminal.
Has anybody success printing a large (too many rows) table with PrintDataGrid ?
I 'm currently try another way for resolve this problem.
For documents with huge rows, I decided convert them to spreadsheet (Excel Document) with make a simple jar library implemented HSSF API at Tomcat 5.5 server, generate .xls on the fly, and resend it to client (download),
(All took at least 4 seconds for 10000 rows in localhost server, included send parameter from client, processing it with Recordset from ODBC database, generating Excel, and resend to client.)

Other advantages using this way, our client can customizing the Report, like styling, format, or page setup directly from Excel Offices, which I feel more pain to do that at Flex.

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