Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New protocol on Flash Player 10

I am very excited about this new protocol on Flash Player 10. The new RTMFP protocol in Flash Player 10 provides an alternative to RTMP allowing developer to develop real-time communication applications with an improved user experience.

Applications like chat and games are great examples from this technology. This new protocol has been designed for communication solutions, not massive content delivery.

Another great news is UDP protocol now available on Flash Player 10 beta. Adobe chose UDP because it’s an efficient protocol for low-latency streaming video conversations, voice conversations or other similar solutions. UDP combined with the high-fidelity of SPEEX audio, will allow Flash developer to build great voice and audio solutions targeting Flash Player 10. To enable RTMFP and the UDP transport, authorization from a future server-based technology such as Adobe Flash Media Server will be required.

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