Saturday, June 07, 2008

M3D, Mascot Capsule 3D porting to Actionscript 3.0, next candidates for 3DEngines

One day several years ago after Actionscript 3.0 released, I've been believed the time will coming someday if this 3D engines will be porting to Actionscript.

Mascot Capsule 3D and Mobile 3D Graphics has been used as technologies  for Mobile 3D programming for the Java™ Platform Micro Edition on Sony Ericsson feature phones.

This 3D Engine has been designed from the ground up for mobile devices,taking into account limited memory, performance and control interfaces.
It completely abstracts the underlying operating system and device hardware, allowing game developers to develop once on Windows and then deploy to multiple mobile platforms. Includes complete support for multi-channel audio, 2D and 3D graphics,
a powerful and fully configurable 3D scene graph, collision checking,
physics simulation, networking with both Bluetooth and IP based networks.

It will be strong candidate for competing againts with existed 3D Actionscript engine (PV3D or Away 3D or Sandy3D).

Yesterday one of showcase has been published. Look at, this site strongly suspected use M3D engine, similar with Mascot Capsule 3D.

It could be next step 3D Flash website interface just begin, and I think web people will follow.

Further info about M3D see
Mobile Capsule 3D see Mobile 3D

In my humble opinion, correct me if i'm wrong!

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cddin said...

ecozoo created by Masayuki Kido.. japan actionscripter.. using his own 3d engine.. SHARIKURA 3D ENGINE

his site->

Robin said...

Yeah they thought it was that, because they decompiled his AS3 code, and he'd saved the classes with a prefix of "M3D", and his name is Masayuki :P

Deden Ramadhan said...

Thanks for the responses!
It was different engines!

Can't wait to play with it :)

no_es_distinto said...

It sounds really funny for me, because what is the relationship between flash (web browser based) and mascot capsule (mobile)?

I think if they do that it would be useless.