Monday, June 02, 2008

Be careful with Merapi..!!

Everybody should be careful with Merapi, The most active Vulcanoe in Indonesia.

Perhaps Adam Flater should permit to Mbah Maridjan and may ask with this caretaker of Mt. Merapi about how dangerous is the disaster for him.

Mbah Maridjan the one-dollar-a-day job of 'Merapi gatekeeper'.
"you must be careful playing with Merapi"

But Adam Flater is too late and maybe he didn’t know how important "area and potential hazard mapping"

I'm so sorry, this is a bad joke right?
I hope and praying for Adam and his family is okay, and wish he come back soon and continue developing this awesome project.. I can't wait to play with it!! :)


bayu said...

-How a dare you are..
-Mr.Maridjan is the duty-enthusiast man, i'm afraid they (developer) would use his name for one of application or plug-in term next. :)

Billigflug said...

yeah, kinda english humor, it´s ok. the pics are impressive, but consider the suffering of the people, who had to go through the shit down there. maybe your next joke will be refered to 2004 tsunami or 911 :D?